Terminal Server

(English) Martin Welker informed in his latest blog about Lookeen within a company’s environment. Thereby he focused on the installation of Lookeen on the companies’ computers.
Depending on the size of the company and its infrastructure, the use of terminal servers is appropriate. By doing so, the applications will be installed centrally on the terminal server and they will be made available to the users through the terminal server, instead of being installed separately on each computer. End devices with various operating systems can be used for the access.

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(English) Just imagine that your Customer Care Center keeps records on all support cases. These records are stored in a central place, a document is allocated to each support case and the corresponding email is linked with it.
Now you can decide in which way you want to make this information accessible for all employees of the CCC. After you have done that, everyone can browse for the corresponding information in a network folder. With the help of Lookeen, you can also index every user of the network drive in order to ensure in this way that everything which is searched for will be found immediately.