Data privacy

Usually it is only one line, only a small slot, in which one types one or several terms of definitions, using your keyboard and within a split second you have a hit list. It started on 9.7.1998 in a garage and was called Google, and has by now found the way through the Internet onto plenty of personal computers. But what is the price? The big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Apple and Microsoft charge us with our personal data dearly for their services.

Search engines like Google and Bing want our dataThe current, very heated, debate to enforce a better protection for personal data, reaches a new dimension in view of the desktop search. Because it is the desktop search that is actually saving personal data and knowledge of business companies on their own servers right from the start. For example, Google desktop search even speaks explicit in the GTA about saving data on external servers.

The index is first generated on the personal computer and then will be send to Google. What happens there with the data, nobody knows. But it isn’t over there. Because a personalization takes place at latest, when the Google mail account and the Gmail account is involved as well. This option can be deactivated on installing, if you pay keen attention, but who does so in the modern “click next” generation? (more…)

We set a high value on making the installation of Lookeen as easy and flexible as possible. This is no problem for single-user-installations: You run the setup.exe, choose a path and after that Lookeen will already be installed.
When you run Outlook after that, the Lookeen-Wizard will help you to add the desired mailboxes to the index and then you will already be able to use Lookeen on your workstation.

GPO'sAbove that Lookeen helps your company to fight the constantly increasing flood of emails. For the installation within a company’s environment (regardless whether it concerns 20 or 20,000 workstations), flexibility is a decisive factor. In this case, the introduction of a fundamental tool like Lookeen naturally has to be planned well and in a structured way: (more…)