New Lookeen version with beta real time indexing available now for free download

by axonic on 02/16/11 | Back to Blog

Early in the year 2008 the company Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH released Outlook add-on Lookeen. This tool has made searching in Outlook easy for thousands of users in over 70 countries worldwide. Lookeen is searching through local mailboxes, exchange server, public folder or the intranet in a very clearly laid out and efficient manner. The new version 3.7 contains besides a full 64-bit compatibility, advancements in the handling and a quick load button for files, a brand new feature as beta version: the real time indexing.

For self employed persons, for teams and of course whole companies, the data structure on the computer, in the network, even in the own Outlook mailbox constantly changes. Mails and files being added, edited, moved or deleted. This happends so fast, that only a programm can keep up with it. Thanks to the new real time indexing, Lookeen is able to find mails and others files in real time. “Let’s say an associate creates a new bill and saves it in the network. Right away after it was saved, Lookeen enables all other associates to find the bill, to search through it and to work with it, because the change was instantly registered in the index.” explains CEO Martin Welker.

The real time indexing therefore constantly delivers the files up to date to all Lookeen users – no matter if they are on exchange servers, in public folders, on Citrix or Terminal Server surroundings or in the network. This means especially for companies an essential gain in efficiency and productivity. Axonic GmbH is planning to release the final full version of the real time indexing within this year as an upgrade to the already existing version.

The version is available as a free download

On demand the real time indexing included in the beta version can be disabled as well. The programm will then search as usual through and for Emails and files, still offering the improved performance and handling of the new version. “Many companies that use Lookeen are testing currently the beta version with the real time indexing. But not everyone wants to try out a beta version, so these companies just use the programms new improvements” tells Martin Welker.

For established Lookeen users the new version will be free of charge. Interested parties can test the program for 14 days in a free of charge trial version. The software can be downloaded at

Also free of charge: Axonic’s for Outlook. With just one click you can add copied text or attachments to any new mail. (Wikipedia:


4 Responses to New Lookeen version with beta real time indexing available now for free download

  1. Jörg Finkelstein says:

    Dear Sir,

    I use lookeen für some months now and I am really very happy with it.

    Until 31.12.11 Lookeen searched even realtime. This is an excellent feature, but it has being stopped since 2 days.

    Can you explain me, why and how do I get it back again?

    Best regards

    Jörg Finkelstein

  2. Adrian says:

    Unfortunatly the BETA indexing is no longer active it timed out at the end of 2011.

  3. Eric SAUSSOL says:

    I have a registered version of Lookenn and would like to know when we will get the one with real time indexing feature?
    Best Regards

  4. Eric says:

    The realtime indexing feature in Lookeen 3.7 was disabled on 31.12.2011. The new Lookeen 8 has the realtime indexing feature. Discounts are available depending on when you purchased Lookeen. Check here:

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